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Species: Roe deer
Dates: 01-04-2023 to 06-08-2023
Price: 1.000 €
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Species: Roe deer
Dates: 01-04-2023 to 31-07-2023
Price: 1.850 €
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Species: Roe deer
Dates: 01-04-2023 to 01-08-2023
Price: 980 €
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Species: Red deer
Dates: 05-09-2022 to 27-02-2023
Price: 2.700 €
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Species: Roe deer
Dates: 01-04-2023 to 01-08-2023
Price: 980 €
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Species: Roe deer
Dates: 08-04-2023 to 21-08-2023
Price: 650 €
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Species: Roe deer
Dates: 01-04-2023 to 06-08-2023
Price: 1.800 €
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Why choose Hunts

Huntts was born from the hand of the Micaza mobile APP, the leading hunting search engine in Spain since 2018, with the intention of internationalizing the hunting market with transparency and the best possible experiences so that you can enjoy your passion with guarantees. Searching and reserving the species you want to hunt has never been so easy. We take care of the whole process and it does not cost you more because it is the outfitters who pay us a small commission on their fixed prices. That’s why we can always offer you the best deals. We invite you to register and be part of our community. Registered users will have access to special benefits.  

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From Huntts we want to help you focus on what you like. We add hunting raffle services, we manage your licenses… you enjoy.

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If you are an outfitter and want to publicize the best hunting experiences
we are your best ally to tell the whole world about it.

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Why hunt with Huntts

Event booking

Huntts is the perfect place whether you are looking for an event near you or in some remote country. Our mission is to take care of the entire reservation process with the greatest transparency and honesty, in an easy way and without costing the user a penny more than making a direct reservation with the outfitter.

100% verified offers

Huntts verifies each offering and offers ongoing support to users to resolve any special requests or issues that may arise. All the offers you will find are of quality and directed by professionals. We want each user to focus on enjoying your activity 100%.
With Huntts, you pay only if you are satisfied.

Huntts Values

We share values ​​with people truly committed to caring for the hunting world that we can simplify in our commitment to the three pillars of hunting sustainability:

Sustainable hunting

Our main value and commitment as a company is defend sustainable hunting as a way to preserve the natural, rural and hunting resources.

Professional prohunters

If you need any type of management, help or advice, You will be assisted and advised by professionals in the sector. Personalized attention.

Environmental commitment

Preservation of biodiversity and natural resources over time through sustainable hunting
Our intention is to promote regulated and sustainable hunting providing transparent, verified and honest information about the market.

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