Ethical Hunting

Huntts’s responsibility


We believe that in order to conserve nature and preserve wild species there is nothing like getting to know the hunting world first hand.

Our intention is to promote regulated and sustainable hunting by providing transparent, verified and honest market information.

Hunting is the oldest human activity, it has been around forever, and today it is essential to help conserve nature and all types of animals if we are truly committed to a better world. At Huntts we do not accept professional outfitters or hunters who act without a social and environmental code of ethics, without respect for the natural preservation of species. The ultimate aim of the ethical hunting that we promote is to protect, conserve, promote and make an orderly use of hunting resources in a way that is compatible with the natural balance

The values of Huntts


We share values with people who are truly committed to caring for the hunting world, which can be simplified in our commitment to the three pillars of sustainable hunting:

  • Social commitment: respect and fair treatment for all people who in one way or another work or live in hunting ecosystems.
  • Environmental commitment: preservation of biodiversity and natural resources over time through sustainable hunting.
  • Economic commitment: hunting as a source of food and fair income for many families who depend on hunting as a way of life.


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