Bighorn Sheep in the Sonoran Desert

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28.400 €
20 €
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Bighorn sheep
Hunting mode
Pay a deposit of 20,00  per item
Pay a deposit of 20,00  per item


“Bighorn sheep in the Sonoran Desert are one of the most requested trophies in international mountain hunting.

Sierra Madre Hunting has the exclusivity to hunt 365,000 ha of prime bighorn sheep land in Northwest Mexico, specifically in Sonora and Chihuahua.

The 2-day Cerca Alta hunt is conducted on fenced ranches of sufficient size to allow the hunter to have a complete experience within the mountain range where the bighorn sheep are found. Our clients will have the chance to hunt a really big trophy. This hunt takes place in Sonora and Chihuahua.

The season runs from November to March, and you can expect temperatures from -2ºC to 0ºC in the morning and 23ºC to 35ºC during the day.

The price (in EUR per hunter) depends on the size of the trophy:
28,400 € – up to 170″”
35,950 € – from 170″” to 175″” – from 170″” to 175″”
42,550 € – from 175″” to 180″” – from 175″” to 180
52,000 € – from 180″” to 190″” – from 180″” to 190″”
58,600 € – greater than 190″”.

Price includes:
– Accommodation
– Food and soft drinks
– Hunting license
– Ground transportation
– Professional guide
– Local taxes

Not included:
– No airfare
– Alcoholic beverages
– Export permits
– Lodging before and after the hunt
– Tips to guides and staff
– Shipping of trophies to final destination”

Hunting Landscape: Mountain
Difficulty moderate
    Accommodation, Breakfast, Dinner, Hunting license, Local taxes, Meal, Non-alcoholic beverages, Tags, Transfer from / to the airport / station, Transportation in the territory
Price does not include:
    Accommodation before and after, Weapons, Alcoholic drinks, Trophy shipment, Ammunition, Plane tickets, Gun permits, Travel insurance
Staff Languages:  Spanish, English
Weapons Rental
Transfer available
Transfer Hotel
Cancellation policy: Extrem
    Non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to other reservations.
Continent America
Country Mexico
City Sonora
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