HUNTING IN ARGENTINA – Axis deer hunting package


1.800 €
10 %
01-11-2022 to 31-03-2023
Hunting mode
Pay a 10% deposit per item
Pay a 10% deposit per item


The package includes 3 nights accommodation and hunting of 1 axis deer. Friday: reception at Ezeiza or Corrientes airport and transfer to the field, lunch, siesta or enjoy the swimming pool (optional), afternoon hunting trip and dinner (all this depends on where the hunter is received). Saturday: breakfast, hunting trip, lunch, siesta or enjoy the swimming pool (optional), hunting trip and dinner. Sunday: breakfast, hunting outing, lunch, siesta or enjoy the swimming pool (optional), free afternoon (horseback riding is possible) and dinner. Monday: breakfast and departure from the field. (in this province hunting is only allowed during the weekend). It is located in the department of Sauce, center south of the province of Corrientes, Argentina; the preserve offers 2,400 hectares of open field to practice sport hunting of species such as axis deer, wild pig (cimarron and wild boar) and capybara among others. Limited by two water courses (the Sauce stream and the Barrancas river), it offers a very wild and favorable environment for the performance of sport hunting of the main species that our clients come to look for, the axis deer. The stalking, the main hunting modality under which this fine and delicate species is hunted, poses an interesting challenge for both the hunter and the guide, making this hunt one of the most challenging and difficult, in which all senses must be sharpened and all skills must be put into practice for the result to be successful. The open field (without perimeter fences) provides a totally wild environment, giving the prey the natural conditions to move and making the hunter have to make a careful stalking to have the opportunity to get the right shot. All this makes this moment unforgettable and the hunt cannot be assured. The arrival to the stalking places in the interior of the field can be done by truck or on horses, being the client’s choice. Each hunter is accompanied by a guide during the whole hunting day. The guide’s job is to watch the prey, the transfer, the hunting, the skinning and the preparation of the trophy. In general, there are two hunting trips per day, the first one in the early morning and the second one in the afternoon, being these the times of greatest movement of the main species to be hunted, the axis deer. Ask for other hunting packages.

Hunting Landscape: Forest
Territory Description:
Areas of high forest and others of closed forest, with open sectors located on the banks of the Barrancas river and the Sauce stream.
Difficulty moderate
    Accommodation, Alcoholic drinks, Ammunition, Breakfast, Dinner, Hunting license, Meal, Non-alcoholic beverages, Professional hunter guide, Transfer from / to the airport / station, Transportation in the territory, Trophy preparation, Weapons
Price does not include:
    Accommodation before and after, Trophy shipment, Laundry, Plane tickets, Gun permits, Tips, Travel insurance, Trophy transport to recommended taxidermist
Semi Guide
Staff Languages:  Spanish, English
Parts Policy: Wounded animal counts as downed animal
Agrotourism, Trekking, Horse riding, Canoe rides, Fishing
Transfer available
Cancellation policy: Extrem
    Non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to other reservations.
Continent America
Country Argentina
City Sauce


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