HUNTING IN ARGENTINA – Combined hunting (quail, duck and hare) and fishing package


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Hare, Quail, Wild duck
Hunting mode
Stalking, Waterfowl hunting, Others
Pay a 50% deposit per item
Pay a 50% deposit per item


This exclusive 7 full day package combines wild quail, duck and European hare hunting with rainbow and brown trout fishing. From our base of operations in Esquel, Patagonia, we have excellent California wild quail hunting during the fall season. You can choose to focus on wing shooting with our trained pointers and expert guides, or combine hunting with shing, for the ultimate “cast and blast” experience. We offer some of the best wild quail hunting nesting in South America, providing our guests with a large number of coveys per day with wild birds and with some of the coveys holding over 200 birds each. The area of these Patagonian valleys is extremely beautiful, surrounded by mountains, rivers and crystal clear lakes. In addition, we hunt ducks with blinds and European hares. Reception at Esquel airport and transfer to the lodge.

Hunting Landscape: Mountain
Territory Description:
The Patagonian landscape in this area is vast rolling hills that give way to more rugged mountain peaks. In the less tree-covered areas, it is drier, with all varieties of thorny shrubs, cacti and grasses providing perfect cover for large coveys of California quail. A good pair of hunting chaps or brush pants is a must for chasing birds in this country; as is a good pair of boots that cover above the ankles. April and May are fall in this hemisphere, so you may go hunting in cool morning weather.
Difficulty easy
    Accommodation, Alcoholic drinks, Breakfast, Dinner, Hunting license, Meal, Non-alcoholic beverages, Snacks, Transfer from / to the airport / station, Transportation in the territory
Price does not include:
    Accommodation before and after, Weapons, Laundry, Ammunition, Plane tickets, Gun permits, Tips, Travel insurance
Semi Guide
Staff Languages:  Spanish, English
Parts Policy: -
Agrotourism, Trekking, Canoe rides, Fishing, Excursions
Transfer available
Cancellation policy: Extrem
    Non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to other reservations.
Continent America
Country Argentina
City Esquel


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