HUNTING IN ARGENTINA – Hunting package of two wild boars, one antelope, 1 day of turtledoves and pigeons and vizcacha.


5.850 €
50 %
01-03-2024 to 30-09-2024
Antelope, Pigeon, Turtle Dove, Wild boar, Others
Hunting mode
Jump-shooting, Stalking, Stand, With bait


Regular package price: 6,000 euros. Offer Expo Cinegetica: 5.850 euros + 10% discount.

The preserve is located in the heart of the Province of La Pampa, where you will be able to immerse yourself in its more than 35,000 hectares, habitat of red deer, buffalo, antelopes and other species. In an ideal ecosystem of bush, plains, dunes and lagoons. We are the perfect paradise for those hunters who love nature. The package includes the hunting of 2 wild boars, 1 Indian antelope, 1 day of doves and pigeons and 1 night of vizcacha for 4 days, being able to add more days if necessary. We have the best guides to accompany you at all times during the hunt and make your experience unforgettable. Additionally you can hunt other species: Red Deer free range, Deer (SCI 300-600), Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Four Horned Ram, Mouflon (consult packages). It is also possible to do boat fishing for silverside in some of our lagoons (fishing equipment provided by the preserve).

The hunter is received at the Santa Rosa airport, from where the transfer to the lodge takes place. There is the possibility of a direct flight from Buenos Aires to the lodge by private plane (consult conditions).

Hunting Landscape: Bushes
Territory Description:
High mountain of caldén, piquillín and other autochthonous trees, dunes and lagoons, surrounded by alfalfa fields. Ideal for different types of hunting, either hunting deer in the bush or in the dunes during the rutting season, wild boars in the fields during the night or antelopes during the day. You can also hunt on standby in one of the strategically located hunting posts. You can also hunt some of the other species that we have in our preserve, such as buffalo, red deer, axis deer, mouflon or four horned ram.
Difficulty easy
    Accommodation, Alcoholic drinks, Breakfast, Dinner, Meal, Non-alcoholic beverages, Professional hunter guide, Snacks, Transfer from / to the airport / station, Transportation in the territory, Trophy measurements, Trophy preparation
Price does not include:
    Accommodation before and after, Weapons, Trophy shipment, Laundry, Hunting license, Plane tickets, Gun permits, Travel insurance, Tags, Trophy transport to recommended taxidermist
Semi Guide
Staff Languages:  Spanish, English
Parts Policy: Wounded animal counts as downed animal
Agrotourism, Trekking, Horse riding, Canoe rides, Fishing, Visit city
Cancellation policy: Extrem
    Non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to other reservations.
Continent America
Country Argentina
City Victorica


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