Stalking of male Barbary sheep in Murcia

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1.700 €
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01-10-2023 to 29-02-2024
Arrui or Atlas mouflon
Hunting mode


Arruí stalking in more than 15000 hectares distributed between Murcia and Alicante. From before the season arrives, and during this one, we make an exhaustive monitoring of our areas, to locate the groups that carry big males, obtaining, in the great majority of the occasions, to hunt them in the first day. The best time to hunt them would be in the rut, which is between the months of October and November.

The hunt will take place from early in the morning until late in the afternoon. During this time, the hunter will be accompanied by a professional hunting guide who will help and guide him at all times.

Although we can find it in very accessible places, it normally lives in steep areas populated by thick Mediterranean scrub and difficult to access, therefore, it is another of the modalities highly valued by lovers of high mountain hunting. It is a somewhat peculiar animal, as it does not usually follow behavioral patterns as other species do. All this makes this beautiful animal, a prized trophy for hunters.

Hunting day: 35 € for gamekeeper.

Difficulty easy
Staff Languages:  Spanish
Cancellation policy: Flexible
    Notices more than 60 days before the reservation date refund 100% of the deposit.
Between 30 and 60 days before, 50% of the deposit is refunded or the reservation will be transferred to another date if the outfitter offers that possibility.
With less than 30 days notice the deposit is not refundable or transferable.
Continent Europe
Country Spain
Autonomous community Región de Murcia
City Múrcia


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