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First we explain what being a Huntts Outfitter is all about and how easy it’s to start taking bookings.


    • The only requirement to become an Outfitter is that you are a registered hunting ground or a registered business that markets hunting.
    • When you register you will be asked to upload a proof of your existence as an Outfitter (Hunting ground Registration or Company Registration, which must be active), as we need to verify your existence as a professional in the sector.
    • Joining Huntts and listing your hunts or offers in the Listings is completely FREE.
    • We charge a one-off commission of 10% of the price of the Booking. The commission is deducted from the Deposit amount, so you will never have to advance any money.

More reasons to sign up to Huntts

    • We do not charge commission on any extra costs incurred during the hunting, such as permits, trophy fees, other game shot, rentals, trophy shipping, taxidermist, entertainment, etc.
    • Clients will pay according to the installments you indicate in the Booking form, for example, 50% at the time of booking and the rest on arrival or a few days or weeks before, as you decide.
    • We do marketing for free: in addition to advertising on the platform we do advertising and promotion campaigns on search engines and social networks, and of course also email marketing to our thousands of customers. We take care of giving you visibility with a global reach, so you can receive customers from any country.
    • When a customer wants to ask you for more information you will receive an email from which you can reply.

More reasons to sign up to Huntts

    • To register just follow the steps below, first fill in your Outfitter Profile form and once approved by our team you can start advertising your offers by filling in a quick and easy form. It is very important that you upload some good quality photos as you will get more bookings. You can edit, cancel, update or change your offers whenever you want from your account. We reserve the right to approve photos.
    • When a customer wants to book you will receive an e-mail where you will Accept or Not accept the booking, depending on your availability or simply because you don’t want to accept it. Therefore, bookings are not instantaneous, you always have the last word.
    • We also ask in return your commitment of fair play, if you receive an offer please close it through the Huntts platform and not outside to save you the commission. If any issues arise during the experience we will not be able to help you if it was not booked through the platform. If we notice that you break this rule we will warn you. If you do this on a recurring basis you will not be able to be part of Huntts or take advantage of all the benefits we offer, so you will not receive any more bookings.
    • Do you still have doubts? Write to us and we will solve them right away outfitters@huntts.com

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